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Our Research Library includes white papers, presentations, fact sheets, news articles, and templates from human services industry experts to help agencies implement technology in human services.

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Note from the reviewer: My goal has always been a simple one: do the most good for the most children. As the former director of Fairfield County Child and Adult Protective Services in Ohio, I am fully aware of the administrative and direct service challenges associated with serving a community. In my role at Northwoods, I have the opportunity to share this Research Library, helping agencies discover new ways to overcome those challenges. I’ll add a new resource every few weeks, so check back or sign up to receive email notifications directly in your inbox.

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With today’s insurance rates continuing to climb and dwindling budgets, many agencies struggle to offer benefit packages and other perks that attract the best candidates. However, they may be overlooking an essential request today’s job candidates insist on seeing present in your organization. The best news about this demand is that it not only benefits the perspective employee, but the entire agency as well. So what is this advantage today’s top job candidates are looking for? They are interested in whether or not your agency or organization is making effective use of today’s technological tools in order to offer a better work environment and provide direct support to the frontline staff. After all, if you are looking for future employees that know how to work smarter, shouldn’t your agency demonstrate that as well? In the world of protective services, this is essential.

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