Traverse: Content Collection

Social workers can collect evidence from anywhere.

The intuitive design of Traverse allows social workers to collect documents, photos, audio, or video from anywhere—connected or disconnected—using a point-of-entry capture philosophy that is context aware. It creates an organized, easily accessible electronic case file, while reducing the burden placed on children and families to provide documentation.



Scan & Upload Documents

Collecting evidence in the field can be a daunting task, espcially for remote teams. Traverse helps social workers collect and automatically classify documents by utilizing the device’s camera as a mobile scanner. In the office, social workers can easily scan documents and upload content to the case file to use whenever and wherever it’s needed. As a result, social workers can focus more time on the clients they serve.

Take Photos

Social workers need an easy way to take photos of clients or living conditions in full color for investigations, assessments, or to create lifebooks for adopted children.

With Traverse, social workers use their mobile device’s native camera regardless of their location or level of connectivity. Images are automatically captioned with the date, time, and client and social worker names. The worker also has the option of adding captions.

Capture Video and Audio

Social workers need to collect audio or video as evidence or for future reference. Social workers use their mobile device’s native camera and microphone to capture audio and video of conversations with clients or living conditions. The recording automatically becomes part of the secure case file with no additional effort. Social workers can also replay recordings back later to document their work, ensuring they can fully focus on clients during important interactions.