Business Briefs

A Field Guide to User Adoption

So you've spent all this time and money rolling out a new tool ... and now nobody is even using it? Frustrating, we know. When it comes to launching new technology within your human services agency— and getting workers to use it— we understand the critical steps that can mean the difference between failure and success. We've created this unique tool to ensure ongoing user adoption and success.

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Mitigating Risk and Removing Fear from Organizational Process Change

Organizational process change is risky business in human services. Overlook what truly motivates your agency's workers to accept change, and your initiatives will likely fail. On the other hand, you can ensure high adoption and ongoing success if you understand, plan for, and mitigate the risks and fears that typically accompany each phase of an organizational process change.

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5 Worries That Keep CPS Directors Up at Night

There's no doubt about it: an agency director's job is one of the most demanding and stressful positions in the social work field. The critical needs of children, increased demand for services, scrutiny from the public, partners, and stakeholders, and cumbersome procedures constantly weigh on your mind. We understand your challenges and concerns, and created a tool to help lighten the burden.

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