Economic Assistance Administrator

As an economic assistance administrator, you need to make sure eligibility requirements are being properly explained to clients, applications are getting processed accurately and efficiently, and the correct services are getting assigned — all while you monitor financial transactions, communicate with multiple parties, and keep detailed records of everything along the way.

You are also responsible for ensuring that the agency meets federal mandates for timeliness and accuracy to avoid costly penalties; and you’re expected to keep everything running smoothly at a time when caseloads are increasing and you’re called on to do more with less.

Although the demands of your position will never go away, your burden can be lightened by working with a partner that understands these responsibilities and has created solutions to address them head-on. A partner like Northwoods.

What Keeps You up at Night?

  • Answering demanding client questions without quick and easy access to case files
  • Understanding all the resources available and training your staff to align them to client needs accordingly
  • Having a growing base of clients who are eligible for services, increasing overall workload
  • Cumbersome documentation processes
  • Audits and compliance pressures

What If...

  • Applications were processed faster, with greater accuracy and data integrity
  • The paperwork burden on caseworkers was dramatically reduced
  • Lobby lines were shortened and appointments were more productive
  • Employee satisfaction increased
  • Service levels improved

Northwoods Can Make It Happen for You and Your Agency

Northwoods is changing how human services programs are delivered. Our document management and appointment management solutions dramatically reduce the paperwork burden on caseworkers by enabling fast, accurate data-sharing across and beyond the agency. This allows you to:


  • Increase productivity and service levels across the agency
  • Know that workers are consistently evaluating a holistic representation of information, facts, evidence, and data on a timely basis from all available sources
  • Accurately identify service usage and service gaps
  • Direct agency resources toward the most effective and widely used services
  • Demonstrate the effective use of taxpayer dollars
  • Understand agency trends as they are developing and make decisions accordingly

Which Solution Is Right for You?

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Compass® Pilot in the Office

Eliminate paper case files and streamline document management for caseworkers agency-wide, right from the desktop.

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Compass® Appointments

Reduce lines, improve lobby management, increase appointment productivity, and boost client satisfaction.

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Get the most from your Compass® solution by taking advantage of the professional services we offer.

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