IT Director

As an IT director, your responsibilities are never-ending — from developing an overarching IT strategy, overseeing security, and making sure your systems can scale, to managing compliance issues, moving to the cloud, directing mobile initiatives, and implementing shared service models.

You also need to ensure that software applications are delivered cost-effectively and that business units are well-served, all the while being challenged to trim costs and do more with less.

Although these demands will always be part of the job, it helps to know that a partner like Northwoods — who understands the nuances of social services and has created software that keeps the IT burden light — is here to help.

What Keeps You up at Night?

  • Pressure to update and modernize legacy systems
  • Renegade systems that compromise security and inhibit enterprise productivity
  • Unproven solutions and vendors
  • Unhappy users and wasted resources
  • Security concerns, breaches, and risks

What if a Secure, Proven Solution Could...

  • Meet functional requirements off the shelf with no customization
  • Produce measurable, rapid ROI while containing risk
  • Work seamlessly within your current environment with minimal demand on your resources
  • Run in your data center or be hosted in the cloud
  • Increase productivity and employee satisfaction, making you a hero

Northwoods Can Make It Happen for You and Your Agency

Northwoods is changing how human services programs are delivered. Our content management, appointment management, and case discovery solutions dramatically reduce the paperwork burden on workers by enabling fast, accurate data-sharing across and beyond the agency. The result is increased productivity in the office and in the field, higher service levels, and more successful outcomes.

Our company understands the IT challenges within human services agencies. Our solutions can be deployed with a low investment in time and resources into a shared services model, and deliver a high rate of adoption.

Which Solution Is Right for You?

Browse our solutions below to learn more:

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Compass® Pilot in the Office

Eliminate paper case files and streamline document management for caseworkers agency-wide, right from the desktop.

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Compass® Appointments

Reduce lines, improve lobby management, increase appointment productivity, and boost client satisfaction.

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Empower social workers to collect, view, and share content anywhere, anytime to make informed, confident safety decisions.

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Northwoods Services

Get the most from your Compass® solution by taking advantage of the professional services we offer.

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