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When caseloads increase and staff turns over, economic assistance caseworkers often feel the greatest brunt. They face constant deadlines to process applications for new benefits, complete re-certifications, and update clients’ information, yet they often can’t access or find the information they need, when they need it.

Most caseworkers are stuck using outdated, paper-heavy documentation management systems and processes that make it extremely difficult to be truly efficient. This delays client from receiving the benefits they need, and can leave them feeling frustrated and vulnerable, which is the opposite of what caseworkers are aiming to do.

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When You Ease the Paperwork Burden, Productivity and Service Levels Climb

Northwoods has spent thousands of hours with economic assistance caseworkers at human services agencies to understand their daily challenges and develop document management solutions to ease their paperwork burden and improve service quality.

Our solutions are systems of engagement, which provide a flexible, lightweight, intuitive, and user-centric interface that is designed for collaboration and daily work.

Our proven software solutions streamline and simplify how caseworkers collect, retrieve, and share client and case information and forms based on how they use the information to do their jobs. The results achieved across the agency are transformative:

  • Save caseworkers up to 2 hours per day on paperwork, allowing agencies to handle higher caseloads without increasing headcount
  • Decrease intake time while increasing the quality of information captured
  • Complete applications and redeterminations within mandated timeframes
  • Provide and connect clients to all the right services they need
  • Quickly and easily answer clients’ questions and share information
  • Shorten lobby lines, reducing client frustration
  • Increase service levels and client satisfaction

Simultaneously Improve Service Quality, Productivity, and Agency Outcomes

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Compass® Pilot in the Office

Eliminate paper case files and streamline document management for caseworkers agency-wide, right from the desktop.

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Compass® Appointments

Reduce lines, improve lobby management, increase appointment productivity, and boost client satisfaction.

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Northwoods Services

Get the most from your Northwoods solution by taking advantage of the professional services we offer.

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Download the Robeson County Department of Social Services case study and find out how the agency increased service levels and saved $2 million by going paperless.

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