Inefficient processes, overwhelming paperwork, and redundant work impacted social workers’ efficiency, limited quality time spent with families, and added stress. Workers worried “Am I doing enough to help my families?”

Cases just seem harder, they take longer and there's just tons of paperwork with everything. That's my biggest challenge, that paperwork piece.

Jessica Reed

Jessica Reed

Lead Child Protection Social Worker

Lacking Quality Time With Families

I think all the other stuff we have to do and all the paperwork and the time in the office, makes it harder to get out and see our families.

Haleigh Johnson

Haleigh Johnson

Children’s Mental Health Social Worker

Inefficient Processes

Time Spent on Paperwork vs Families

Stress on Workers

Impact on Families

Redundant Work

Social workers were redoing work, such as repeat home visits when they forgot a paper form. This wasted agency resources, added stress, and inconvenienced families.


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Traverse empowers child welfare and adult & aging agencies to make informed, confident decisions about safety. Social workers can collect, view, and share case content and evidence from anywhere without duplicative or additional work, empowering them to do more high-value work with families to reduce trauma.