How Much Dark Data Exists?

The volume of dark data can be overwhelming. Consider these statistics:

A typical child welfare case file contains over 1,000 documents; approximately 4,000–5,000 pages of information.i

An estimated 80% of case content resides in an unstructured format called "dark data."

The average caseload is between 24 and 31 cases.ii

Due to the sheer volume, breadth, and complexity of a case file, it can take a child welfare worker upwards of 12 hours to review the history of just one case.iii

i Interviews with child welfare workers

ii "If You’re Right for the Job, It's the Best Job in the World," National Association of Social Workers, June 2004 at p. 15.

iii Jacob Meetze, Intake Investigator, Beaufort County Department of Social Services