The Northwoods Team

At Northwoods, we make great software solutions for social services programs, but it's our people who make the real difference.

Many of us have worked in human services for years and have an intimate knowledge of state and county social services programs and processes. This helps us understand and appreciate the needs and challenges of our customers, and allows us to hit the ground running on projects.

Our human services expertise helps us analyze every agency’s business processes and needs long before we install new software. It also helps us tailor our training to the specific requirements of human services agency workers and support our customers long after they use our software for the first time.

Northwoods Team developing software solutions for social services agencies

To deepen our understanding of our customers, the Northwoods Team spends time in the field with caseworkers and social workers. Being on the front lines gives us firsthand insight into workers’ challenges and needs, as well as those of their clients. It also inspires us to keep working hard to deliver technology solutions that make the lives they touch a little better.