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Third Quarter 2020

Earlier this year, economic assistance agencies felt the crushing weight of the COVID-19 pandemic immediately. Seemingly overnight, they had to close their lobbies, limit interactions, shift to remote work or telework, and radically change the way they conduct business.

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Second Quarter 2020

It's no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has already and will continue to impact the future of human services. Agencies are working to adapt to this "new normal" and looking toward the future, figuring out how to deal with the long-term effects on their workforce and the clients they serve.

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First Quarter 2020

We know a lot of agencies are grappling with the idea that what's happening today is going to change the workforce of tomorrow. Northwoods is dedicated to doing what we can to help our customers and all of the human services community navigate this challenging time. With so much work having to be done remotely or away from your team, we put together some tips for managing remote teams in human services.

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Fourth Quarter 2019

At Northwoods, our “why”—the reason behind everything we do—is simple: improve outcomes for children and families by empowering the practice. Turning this belief into something tangible starts with meeting our users where you are or building technology that works whenever and wherever you do. To do this, we’ve observed caseworkers for hundreds of hours—going on ride-alongs, sitting in on home visits, shadowing them in the agency, and more.

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