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Our team of experts carefully curates content to help you learn more about critical topics, trends, and opportunities to innovate human services and child welfare.

Rich Bowlen, Vice President/Evangelist, Child Welfare

Rich Bowlen’s goal is and always has been to give his very best day in and day out to do the most good for the most kids. As vice president/evangelist, child welfare, Rich serves as our national lead and advocate for child welfare and protective services, ensuring that everything we do reflects the work of practitioners as they engage with children and families regardless of where they are in the system. 

He’s the connector between Northwoods' employees and our child welfare partners, including agencies, advocacy groups, policymakers, court systems, state and local legislators, national industry leaders, and more.

Rupam Chokshi, Director of Portfolio ManagementRupam Choksi, Director of Product Marketing

For Rupam Chokshi, technology should always be rooted in solving problems. It is through this lens that Rupam approaches his role as director of portfolio management, where he applies externally-informed insights to drive strategic decisions and influence Northwoods' product roadmap and corporate perspective.

Rupam takes pride in helping build solutions that solve HHS workers’ most critical problems and empower them to focus on the most important aspect of their jobs—their clients. This is why he was selected as one of APHSA’s “Emerging Leaders” at the 2018 IT Solutions Management (ISM) Conference.

Rich Diers, Chief Innovation Officer

Rich Diers believes in “falling in love” with customers’ problems—watching what they do, how they do it, and where they struggle—and then using the insights he collects to create software that helps solve those problems in new and unique ways.

As chief innovation officer, Rich combines his love for technology with his desire to help people by determining the most meaningful ways human services agencies can apply emerging tools and innovative practices to make the biggest impact on the community. He’s our “champion of change,” encouraging everyone at Northwoods to think more creatively about how we can grow as an organization in a way that benefits our customers.

Greg Tipping, Vice President/Evangelist, Economic Assistance and Child Support

Greg Tipping serves as vice president/evangelist, economic assistance and child support. Internally, he's an industry expert and advocate that guides the vision for the impact of our solutions on the programs he once led. Externally, he collaborates with leaders across the country to create a shared vision for the future of economic assistance and child support.

By helping agencies get more time back to focus on their core missions, Greg can fulfill his own core mission: make a difference in the lives of folks that rely on support from agencies to get by day to day.

Mark Washington, Director of Health and Human Services Strategy

Mark has devoted decades to making lives better for children, youth, and their families. Today, as director of HHS strategy, Mark supports internal business units to accelerate growth at the state level so that Northwoods can continue expanding the amount of people we serve.

Mark previously led Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services and the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services, where he initiated Kentucky’s Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Team (START) model and was recognized for his efforts to transition the state's child welfare system to focus on prevention and early intervention.

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