Integration Services

Our integration engineers connect disparate systems to securely exchange data and information.

We integrate disparate systems so human services agencies—from small counties to large states—have the data and information they need from one system with minimal impact on internal resources. Our experienced team of engineers focuses only on integrations and has worked with cutting edge and legacy systems for more than a decade. Our engineers have earned more than 50 professional certifications including AWS, Tibco Scribe, Microsoft, OnBase, Laserfiche and IBM.

10 years: our team's average years of integration experience

10 Years

Our team’s average years of integration experience

53: Total certifications earned by our integration engineers


Total certifications earned by our integration engineers

Integration Standards

We help meet your stakeholders’ needs by adhering to core integration standards: data quality, data standardization, bi-directional data exchange, data mapping, and data transformation. All of our integration services ensure:

  • Information security & audit
  • Data integrity
  • Recoverability
  • Compliance
  • Monitoring

Integration Standards

Guiding Principles of Integration

We adhere to the following standards to ensure business continuity:

  • Minimal infrastructure footprint
  • Near real-time sync of data
  • Least dependency on agency IT
  • Stateless to the extent possible
  • Assured delivery architecture
  • Reusable components

Guiding Principles of Integration

Technology Integration

When you need to integrate legacy and new systems into a common front end for users, we help tie together multiple servers, infrastructures, widely distributed networks, and more. Our integration experience ranges from statewide enterprise implementations with multiple integration points to small county projects.

Technology Integration