Project Services

Our project services ensure that you get the most from your solution.

Our out-of-the-box software products are part of a solution that includes a core set of comprehensive professional services—consulting, implementation, training, and support—to help you get the most from your project implementation. We have hundreds of years of direct human services experience to help guide you through the process. Our professional project management keeps your project on time and in scope.

Our services begin Day 1, when we form the project team, discuss goals and business processes, and formulate a plan to achieve optimal results with minimal disruption to the agency's daily work. We work with your staff to install, test, train, and roll out your new system in a way that ensures sustained adoption.


92% Lifetime customer satisfaction rating with Northwoods projects


Lifetime customer satisfaction rating with Northwoods projects

45,000 caseworkers using Northwoods products


Number of caseworkers using Northwoods products

11.25 average years experience Northwoods team members have worked in human services


Average years of experience our team members have worked in human services


Consulting is part of every project we do. We spend time with you to understand your agency’s specific processes and challenges before recommending a solution that will enable you to achieve maximum productivity across the organization. We are experts in change management, helping you achieve and maintain success long after the project ends.

“Trust in Northwoods' expertise. Northwoods has it together in terms of the way to roll out a project, the way to ensure buy-in, the process by which the project is implemented, and the support that's offered once the project is completed.”

Kara Terry, Community Services Director,
Crow Wing County Community Services

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Northwoods uses a shared implementation model that allows us to tailor the installation according to your agency’s specific needs, competencies, budget, and time constraints. You get professional project management, which mitigates risk to keep your project on time and in scope. Our team conducts business analysis, effective system design, and thorough technical testing before you roll out the software.

“The implementation wasn't cookie cutter but was specific to the needs of our agency as well as the culture of our agency.”

Michelle Selinger, Child and Family Manager,
Carver County Health & Human Services



Ensuring adoption of your new system is vital to your agency’s success. Northwoods has a dedicated team of professionals to provide end-user training and professional technical training. Some agencies elect to have us assume all responsibility for training and rollout support. Others choose to share in those duties to reduce costs. We’re flexible and can structure this with you to meet your needs.

“The training program was fabulous because it included that component of the mentoring in the field. You just don't see that. That's typically the model we use with families so it fit perfectly.”

Lisa Hankes, CPS Ongoing Supervisor,
Dane County Department of Human Services

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We don’t just train end users and leave. We stay on site and provide work-along and ride-along support to help your workers embed software into their day-to-day business processes. Our rollout support prevents regression and sets you up for continued success. Support does not end when the project ends. The Northwoods Support Center keeps your new system running at peak performance and troubleshoots users’ questions and issues.

“Both Jeff and Karen would come around throughout the division and do "spot checks" with us using the software. This was extremely helpful especially after going in the field with the product, using it, and learning where I needed more clarification.”

Tara Ferrell, Special Assistance In-Home Social Worker,
Cabarrus County Department of Health and Human Services


Large-Scale Projects

When large cities and states implement technology, complexity is a fact simply because of scale. Our team understands the complexities of implementing a solution for a high volume of users, from planning and execution to training, delivery and support. We also help you manage communications and expectations with multiple stakeholders.

Large-Scale Projects