Scan and Index Documents in Just a Few Simple Steps

Capture™ is a web-based distributed scanning application that provides simple, efficient, and accessible document capture. Built to work with your agency’s existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, Capture allows users to scan and index documents in just a few simple steps.

Features & Benefits

Easily Scan and Index Documents

Easily Scan & Index Documents

Agency-Wide Access to Documents

Agency-Wide Access to Documents

Web-Based Software Accessible From Anywhere

Web-Based Software Accessible From Anywhere

Benefits to IT Staff

  • Sits on top of your agency’s existing ECM system, but runs independently—Capture will continue scanning even if your ECM system is sleeping or down
  • Integrates with several 3rd party systems for authentication, autofilling index data, and submitting scanned documents
  • No desktop software installation required
  • Can be configured to adapt to your existing ECM system’s index and document classification scheme

Benefits to Caseworkers

  • Intuitive, accessible¹ interface and user-friendly design makes scanning and indexing easy
  • Users can log in and scan from any computer in the agency
  • Ability to configure certain document types with specific scan settings saves time and ensures documents are scanned consistently across the agency

¹ Conforms to applicable portions of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and WCAG 2.0 standards

Product Features

  • Use distributed capture to scan documents at any point of entry—the reception area, the mail room, interview room, or the caseworker’s office
  • Create high quality, categorized scans quickly
  • Index documents once for multiple clients or case files
  • Automatically index basic client and case information for easier retrieval later
  • Make documents available instantly throughout the agency
  • Route documents to multiple recipients simultaneously
  • Track scans with a configurable date and time stamp for improved visibility and compliance
  • Create a configurable receipt for clients




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