Our services ensure that you get the most from your Northwoods' solutions.

Project Professional Services

Our solutions include a core set of comprehensive professional services—including consulting, implementation, training and support—to help you get the most from your implementation. We have hundreds of years of experience to help guide you through the process. Our services begin Day 1, when we form the project team, discuss the project, and formulate a plan to achieve optimal results with minimal disruption to the agency's daily work. We work with your staff to install, test, train, and roll out your new system. Then our support team maintains it and provides ongoing support.

Project Professional Services Detail

Cloud Hosting

With Compass Cloud, you can get the full functionality of Northwoods solutions without the cost and hassle of managing hardware or on-premises implementations. Cloud Hosting enables Northwoods Compass solutions to be offered in the cloud — Compass Pilot, Compass CoPilot and Compass Appointments. Your Compass solution(s) will be deployed on the most advanced hardware infrastructure available — continually patched and updated, with strict policies in place for data backups and security — all without additional costs for server administration or capital investment.

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Complex Solutions Group

Every human services agency faces unique business problems that are not always solved by out of the box software. Northwoods’ Complex Solutions Group (CSG) analyzes the situation and applies existing or new technology along with process changes to solve business problems, often with a custom solution. For existing customers, we know keeping your solution current can be challenging because certain changes are inevitable: turnover, regression, policy changes, or internal reorganization. Northwoods’ Solution Optimization assesses how well your processes and solution meet the current and future business needs to maximize your return on investment.